Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Alex Boye with the Sista's on Temple Square
Including our beloved Sister Chamberlin
That is what this spring-like weather has been. Straight glorious. Something about the sunshine (on my shoulders) makes me happy (John Denver? Anyone?), and quite frankly makes other people happy and more willing to talk with us, and listen to the ridiculously important message we have to share. #truthrestored

Anti season has officially begun this week, and it is fun (she says sarcastically). For reals though, in my studies this morning I feel like God was directly responding to my schemes for dealing with them. Responding, chastising... same thing. In Alma 1, with our dear brother Nehor the Anti... God taught me just how He wants me to respond to our sweet brothers and sisters. Which was not how I would LIKE to respond, but it's definitely the more Christlike way. Using only the word of God (the scriptures, obviously) but NOT to Bible bash, because most often when we fall into that, it is out of pride. Which is addressed in this chapter. And I can know that when I feel like putting my fist where their mouth is, I need to check my pride. So, that's a thing. Yay for God's direct instructions right when I need them. 

This week has been full of interesting humans, to say the least. But it's been a good time, for sure. Members (firm and floundering), a man who left the church for 50 years that was endowed two weeks ago (#prodigalson), truth seekers, returned missionaries, former investigators, atheists, antis, polygamists, the whole spectrum, within these four walls. 

A precious thing that happened this week. There was this darling older gentleman from China in the Assembly Hall, trying to communicate with S. Clark through google translate (seriously so cute to watch) because all of our Ni Hao sisters were in Mandarin meeting. So after about 45 minutes of this painfully slow and questionable communication, we finally got a hold of one of our Ni Haos and she talked with him on the phone and he ended up leaving with a copy of the Book of Mormon and filling out a referral card. It was just a precious moment, and got me excited for another summer of Mandarin motor coach tours, and to continue sending copies of the Book of Mormon home to China with these precious humans, planting the seeds for when China opens to missionaries. Get pumped. It's coming. 

I don't know much (but I know I love you...) Jokes. I don't why these songs come into my head. But seriously, I don't know that much, but I am certain that we are all God's children. He loves all of us unconditionally, and He wants us all to return to Him. But we have to choose it. And if we are not sensitive to the whisperings of the Spirit, it's nearly impossible to know the right path that leads us to God. And that's why it's so important to follow Christ's example of faith, virtue, humility, meekness, kindness, sacrifice, obedience, etc, because that is how our ears and hearts will be opened to hear and feel what God has to say to us, to guide us home.

I love you all. Thank you for your examples and love. Make good, choose happiness, leave the rest with God. 

<3 Sister Chamberlin

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