Sunday, May 24, 2015

My email is back in business -- This is the week I head to Temple Square on Wednesday

Heyyo Humans!

Mama Bear, I am still happy, healthy, and have everything I need. This week has been CRAZY BUSY. And I was so devastated that my email wasn't working, but it's all good, my Branch President is allowing us time outside of P-day to write home now that the system is back up.

 We bid farewell to the Elders in our district Tuesday morning as they took off for Pocatello Idaho. We miss them a ton, our district got super close. We legitimately wouldn't have made it through the first week without each other. We started our Visitors Center training this week, and created a new district of 26 sisters, all of whom are going to Temple Square this Wednesday except two, my roommates Sister Namehe (Salt Lake East, Park City VC) and Sister Robertson (Omaha Nebraska, Winter Quarters VC). My companions and I are way sad that they won't be on the square with us.

As part of VC training we've spent a lot of time learning how to use resources specific to VCs (like the paintings, exhibits, statues, films, etc) but most importantly, online chatting and phone calls from It's a little weird and not my favorite way to talk about the gospel, I prefer face to face interactions. It's been a... learning experience. One nice thing, at least with the online chatting, is that you have the opportunity to discuss with your companion what to say before you say it... so I guess that's good.

The sister in my district are all SO AMAZING. Other than my American and Canadian companions, we've got sister from all over the world: Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, England, Ireland, Spain, Malawi, France, Micronesia, Italy, Chile, China, Japan, 4 from the Philippines, Brazil, Tahiti, India... and I'm sure I'm missing some. It's amazing to me how quickly I've grown to love these sisters- you just build bonds here unlike anything I've ever experiences before. 

Twice now we've been bused up to Temple Square to kind get oriented or whatever. There are definitely a lot of little "fun facts" that I don't know that people talk about, but I'm excited to talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone I meet.

Wednesday is D-day for us, and we will all take the Frontrunner up to Salt Lake. I cannot believe how quickly this time has passed. But of course, just as I'm getting comfortable, it's time for change. 

One of my teachers (Brother Anderson) shared some cool insight with us last week, and I want to share it with you. We were reading in D&C 59, where it talks about the Sacrament. We read verses 8-12. He said, usually when we think about the Sacrament, we think of partaking of the Sacrament. But in these verses, it uses different wording. It says Offer up thy sacraments. He told us that for him, to make his experience of partaking of the sacrament every Sunday a more sacred and meaningful, he thinks of the tray of bread and the tray of water as an alter, and as he takes the bread or water, he is leaving something behind- sacrificing something, to be able to partake of the Atonement. I had never really thought about in this light before, What am I willing to give up to take this bread? What am I willing to sacrifice for this water? What am I willing to change to know God?
Anyways, it was a super powerful moment for me, so I wanted to share. 

Another special moment for me this week came from one of my new VC teacher, Sister Peterson (who rocks, by the way). I was experiencing a moment of weakness and doubt, and she shared with my companions and me a scripture from Alma 26, verses 27-30 and 35, and an experience from her mission when she had been considering going home. Anyways, the whole chapter I think speaks to the hearts of all missionaries, and you should read it. God is so good, and will deliver us from our afflictions. But he requires sacrifice, and hard work. 

In one of the buildings here there is this beautiful depiction of when Jesus is walking on water, and Peter goes to him, first walking on the water, but then sinking out of fear, and then being saved. It was just a solid (and inspired, in the moment) reminder that I need to keep the faith that got me here, and not to doubt that through Christ, all things are possible- even walking on water. 

There have just been so many little tender mercies this week, I wish I had time to write them all. But just know that I know God is so involved in the little details of our lives, and it is so important to put our trust in Him, and His timing, because He can see the bigger picture.

Keep making good and choosing happiness!
Love always, Sister Chamberlin
Christa finds Bekah Training on Temple Square

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015 Letter Home from the MTC


Okay, so this week. It has felt like a year! But it has also flown by so fast. I am learning so much, and sometimes that's hard, but it is so worth it.

First things first. Mom. I am healthy, I am happy, and I have everything I need. :)

My companions and I had a pretty cool experience last night teaching our investigators at the TRC (just know, some of these investigators are real investigators, others are recent converts acting as themselves before they were baptized, and we don't know which they are). We'd been prayerfully planning the lessons for a couple of days, and in both we were planning to invite them to read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon. Well when we got to the TRC last night, there were no more copies of the Book of Mormon. We were at the MTC, and couldn't get our hands on a copy of the Book of Mormon. Go figure. So we said a quick prayer for guidance in the first lesson, and we felt prompted to focus instead of prayer, and building a relationship with God, which was great. But then our next appointment. We prayed, and still felt like we needed to invite him to read, but we had no book to offer him. So we just planned to tell him we'd bring him one the following night. SO. We walked into the room. And lo and behold, there was a copy of the Book of Mormon on a desk in the corner. I know this probably sounds ridiculous but we just looked at each other in amazement because it just felt like we were being blessed for trying our hardest to follow the promptings of the Spirit. Anyways. The lesson went super well and we read the last two paragraphs of the introduction with our investigator, and then I heard Ben's voice in my head, "If you know the Book of Mormon is true, what do you know?" So  I thought to myself, "Well, this isn't a bad thought, let's go there." And he responded so beautifully (remember, he had just read the last paragraph of the intro) and then out of nowhere I felt like I needed to ask him if he would be baptized if he came to know the Book of Mormon is true through the Holy Ghost, and he was like "Yeah, I guess I would have to." And I was shocked with myself for even bringing up baptism because it was only our second meeting but it felt so right and the rest of the lesson went so well, and he is just awesome. 
So, point of this story, regardless of how things turn out, whether it's legit or not, it was just so cool to feel guided by the Holy Ghost, and knowing that as missionaries, set apart to represent Jesus Christ, we are entitled to have that guidance. 

Time is crazy here. But it's awesome. I can't remember what I've told you about my district, but it rocks. Sister Sommerfeldt (Canada) and Sister Parks (Oklahoma) are my companions, and we live with Sister Namehe (Ireland/Uganda) and Sister Robertson (Engalnd). Also in our district are Elder Horne (Florida), Elder Jeffrey (Canada), Elder Johnson (Washington), and Elder Latu (Utah/New Zealand/Tonga). We're all super close. 

We got to go to the Provo temple this morning together- it was SO GOOD. Just love everywhere. 

Um, so DearElders are the greatest things ever. And also, Mom, those cinnamon rolls were bomb, my sisters thank you :) and uh, if you ever feel like sending more... like before Monday... that would be so very much appreciated... but no pressure or anything. 

AAAAh there is just not enough time for anything and I'm so sorry I can't even think about what's happened this week. But know that it has been so good. I only have emails and addresses for the people who have written me, so that a thing. 

My sister in my district have taken to doing our family cheer after we pray together at night, it makes me feel like home isn't so far away. Our family is forever!

I love you all! Make good and choose happiness!

Love always, Sister Chamberlin

Bekah sends her love especially to her little people. Aaaaaw.

Friday, May 8, 2015 at the MTC --- First 3 days in Provo

Ahhhh this is so unreal! 

Mom and Dad, I'm glad to hear you made the drive home safely (the little prince as well), and that Sarah made it to Ghana to join Scotty. 

The last three days have been PHENOMENAL. Legitimately, it is just nonstop goodness. I already feel like I have grown so much, and received so much insight into some of my experiences these last several years. 

So the information you need to write though DearElder, or the normal post, is:

Sister Rebekah Grace Chamberlin
2009 N 900 E Unit 128
Provo UT 84602

I don't have anyone's email or address except yours, mama, so give the family my love. Especially the little people.

Also, Mom, I'm calling on Mothers' Day if you can be available. I've got 30 minutes, starting at 3:15 MST. So 2:15 PST. Which means if you want to talk with me you'll have to come straight home from church, no dilly dallying. 

I am so happy, and healthy, and loving every minute of my time here.

I'm in a trio companionship with Sister Sommerfeldt (Alberta, Canada) and Sister Parks (Oklahoma) and they are the greatest. We're all going to Temple Square, and we get along super well. My Branch here is awesome, and my teachers are amazing. For reals, I have so much respect for Brother Anderson and his ability to follow the promptings of the Spirit in teaching us. 

It's hard for me to focus on writing right now haha I'm so tired. But it's a good tired. The best tired I've ever been. 

I have no complaints. I just feel so much love for you all, and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. This doctrine is truth, it is happiness, and I feel so blessed to have a knowledge of it. If we allow Him to, Christ will change us, and transform us into something so much greater than we can even imagine. I can feel Him working on me, and it feels SO GOOD.

I love you hooligans. Choose happiness, so our family can be together forever. 

All my love, 
Sister Chamberlin

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

So Long Lovas

So this is real. I'm going to the MTC in Provo in like 20 minutes. I'm serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Salt Lake City, Utah on Temple Square.

I know God lives. I know that I am His daughter. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer, and because of His Atonement, I can change, be made clean, and be perfected in Him. I know that the fullness of the gospel has been been restored in these days through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I am so grateful for the covenants and ordinances of the Temple, and that I can be with my family forever.

I know God has a plan for me, and I will strive to live in such a way that I may become what He would have me be.

I love you all. Make good and choose happiness.

Sister Rebekah Grace Chamberlin
2009 N 900 E Unit 128
Provo UT 84602