Sunday, September 25, 2016

This is all I have for you right now...

We had zone activity today at the International Peace Gardens. Such a
beautiful place, I highly recommend it. I love the sisters I get to
serve with, I am so blessed.

This is my Mei Mei. We were tryin real hard to reenact a scene from...
Facing the Giants? I don't know, but there's this video clip all the
last transfer sisters watch from it, where this kid Bruce has to Bear
crawl with a kid on his back, blindfolded, down the football field. We
quote it all the time because it's hilarious.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

In the words of Timon...

"Here's the bottom line, our trio's down to two!" We said goodbye to one of Christ's most charitable representatives this week. Sister Ueno and I are staying together this transfer, which I am psyched about, because she's a doll, and a solid missionary, and also hilarious. And we get to serve at Welfare Square once a week, which is also pretty high up there on the happy good times scale. AND we get to continue living in a celestial apartment. #blessed

This is Mama Lysy, who also left this week. She has taken good care of me here. We didn't plan to both look like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but it happened.

I basically live at the SLC airport. This is one of many goodbyes... see you laters?

It's been an eventful week, and I've been on a rocket ship speeding all over the spectrum of human emotions- shock, fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, irritation, protectiveness, peace, calm, safe, understood, awkward, etc. But at the end of it all my heart is just full of gratitude. God is so good, and is so aware of all His children. What we've experienced this week, I believe, can be related to Elder Holland's story about taking the wrong road. If you have no idea what story I'm talking about, watch this:
I don't know very much, but I am absolutely certain that God loves us, and will lead and guide us if we let Him- and ultimately, everything will work out for our good. 

In preparation for General Conference next month, I've been listening to last April's Conference while I get ready in the mornings. I recently listened to Bishop Waddell's talk, "A Pattern for Peace." And I highly recommend it to everyone. Because who doesn't want peace? He walks us through the pattern laid out in Doctrine and Covenants 19:23-24, "Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me. I am Jesus Christ." These also just so happen to be words you can hear at the Kristus here at Temple Square 😊
A link, a link! Here is a link to it! 
I love you all so much. Keep trusting God, He knows what He is doing. Because, you know, He's God. 

Make good. Choose happiness.
<3 Sister Chamberlin

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Trio Life

It's good. I quite enjoy being with my companions, they're pretty cool. 

First and foremost, I have so much gratitude and respect for the local missionaries all over the world. There are so many young men and women completely devoted to helping others receive the blessings and feel the joy that they have received and felt from living the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. And it's a cool experience to feel at peace, knowing that when we send referrals out, of people we have met and love, that they are in the safekeeping of some of God's elect. 

We're coming to the end of another transfer (I feel like it's been a very short one week transfer...).  So many of the humans I have grown very close to are either gone or leaving, and that's no bueno. God is still good, though, and I feel incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to serve with these powerful women. 

Sister Rea waited until the very end of her mission to announce for tours after Music and the Spoken Word. Her very last opportunity, and we didn't allow her to back out of it. No pansies in this trio. 

Today we got to go on a little adventure to Bountiful. On our way to the temple we stopped at the chapel for some internet access.
This is how we felt about no internet at the church. Where was LDSAccess? I would also like to point out that Sister Ueno looks possessed.

And this is how we felt about getting to go to the Bountiful Temple for Sister Rea's cousin's sealing. #blessed I'm sure her family thought we'd brought all of Temple Square. 

This is my sister from heaven whose family landed in Fiji. She really does say that, every time she meets someone. It's cool, because she knows who she is and where she comes from... a daughter of God, from heaven. More than anyone else I know, this girl knows how to make everybody feel like they're somebody. She's pretty celestial, and I'm grateful for her friendship and example. This world would be a happier place if there were more Sister Samis in it. Truly Christlike. 

During the sealing Sister Sami, Sister Parrish, and I enjoyed the sunshine, wind, and grass outside the temple. #summerdaysyall
Real thing. Temples are the best. In no other place can our families be sealed together forever by God's authority. And He's extended an open invitation to everyone to prepare and come hang out with Him at His place. We're so lucky 😁

We're a tight knit family, and goodbyes are hard. One of the best things about serving on Temple Square is that you have good friends all over the world. One of the worst things about serving on Temple Square is that you have good friends all over the world. It's bittersweet. Like the symphony. 😉

Okay. I love you all. Don't forget to study the scriptures, on the daily, because that's one of God's favorite ways to guide us. 2 Nephi 32:3... the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do. So simple. 

Make good. Choose happiness. 
<3 Sister Chamberlin

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hi ! Blanket forts fer dayzzz. Happy 4th!

This week was very busy and I don't remember very much of it, I'm sorry.

The 4th of July is the only day of the year it's kind of cool to wear the American flag under your name tag, and many sisters who are not American borrowed flags from those of us who are. And we ate hot dogs and popsicles. 

It was fun to meet River for the first time. I can't believe how big he is already. 

There has been quite a bit of shuffling of humans this week, and I'm just a big bag of mixed emotions because of it. 

Many miracles, many let downs. But at the end of the day, I am always so grateful for the diligence and faith of the local missionaries that are teaching all the little humans that we love so much. Because we can only do so much to help people progress in the gospel, you know? We can't really sit with people at church, or introduce them to the ward members. But the local ones can, and do, and it's great. 

Don't forget, studying the scriptures is like brushing your teeth. Do it daily. At least. 

Make good. Choose happiness. 
<3 Sister Chamberlin

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hiiii Family

Transfers are next week. Cray crazy. I'm looking forward to some changes.

Sorry to start off on such a low note, but I've been super bummed out
this week, meeting SO MANY less actives, who, for various reasons,
will probably not be coming back to church anytime soon. Even a former
Branch President (who, by the way, knows the gospel is true. I could
see it in his sad, almost defeated?, eyes)! My heart just broke over
and over again, all week. There are so many blessings that await those
who will come unto Christ. Sometimes it requires courage, but the
beautiful thing is hat He never leaves us on our own if we will put
our trust in Him.

Usually when we start tours in the Beehive House, we invite guests to
ask any questions they have, keeping in mind that the tours are less
than 20 minutes (ours are closer to 10 haha), and that "we've heard
them all." Because we really feel like we've heard all the strange,
touchy, controversial question that people can ask in the Beehive
House. Somehow, this one day we were asked four totally unrelated
questions that we had never heard before (like where did President
Monson grow up, or the name of the sewing machine that I like to tell
people is older than any Singer). So, I gave each of those people a
smiley face sticker that I usually reserve for children. Turns out,
adults like stickers as much, if not more, than children.

A thing that makes me happy. When local missionaries are ON TOP of the
referral we have sent them of people we love. It doesn't always
happen, but when it does, it gives us so much more confidence when
transferring stewardship of these precious souls, knowing that they're
being taken care of. #templesquare

Another thing that makes me happy. So, our Ni Hoa sisters (and their
companions) work SO HARD. Legit, they are on their feet all day, often
missing out on meals, because they are constantly giving tours to
Chinese Motorcoaches. And later in the evenings, since we all have to
be on the Square for studies, just in case we have to take a tour
instead of studying, it is like watching a Chinese sitcom. By this
time, most of the touring Ni Hoas are gone, and the Chine sisters are
all downstairs in our conference room just talking, and yelling,
sometimes arguing, and making fun of each other (playfully, of course)
and it is better than Netflix. Not much studying gets done.

I just finished the Book of Mormon again this week, and I am PSYCHED
about starting over again. I'm pretty done with reading all death and
destruction, and so ready for Nephi and his faith and obedience. That
man had it all figured out- the secret to happiness? Side note, it
sounds like a lot of you are starting it over again now too, which is
cool. I'd appreciate you sharing your insights as you cruise through
the book. It's my favorite, I'm obsessed with it. It's magic. Real
magic, not Harry Potter magic.

I've been reading Our Heritage, mostly for the pioneer stories so I
can tell them better- because more than just knowing and teaching the
gospel, we also get to share pioneer history! And I was reading about
Zion's camp, and how it really separated the future leaders of the
church from those who were less faithful- murmurers, who blamed their
leaders... Like Laman and Lemuel. And I just felt this strong
impression of the importance of supporting our leaders, and being
obedient. But more than that, remaining humble and faithful, even when
things get hard. I have so much love and respect for the early saints,
and what they endured. I wish more people knew their stories. I'm so
grateful for their sacrifices t build up the Kingdom of God. And I
can't help but think of the many times in the Book of Mormon when the
prophets exhort their people to "remember"- to remember how merciful
the Lord had been to their fathers, their ancestors, who had such
great faith. How God had delivered them, and led them through the
wilderness. How could we possibly forget our own great heritage, in
these modern times?

Anyway. It's getting hot here. But, you know, it's Georgia hot, so,
it's all good. My companion purchased a water bottle that she can
spray herself with- which she does every 3 seconds whenever we're
outside haha.

This feels like such a random and unconnected email. Good thing it's
not being graded :)

I love you all so very much. Happy ten years, Christa Belle! <3

Make good. Choose happiness.
<3 Sister Chamberlin

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sometimes Everything Changes May 4, 2016

Other times, everything remains the same. This transfer, not much has changed- which really is not very common here. The sisters in my district? Different. My zone leader? Same. My companion? Same. My assignment? Same. My apartment? Same. My sweet companion, hahahaha this is her fourth consecutive transfer in the Beehive House. We think Brigham wants her to be his 57th wife. #lionofthelord

It's been an... interesting week. But summer time is just around the corner, and we are so excited for the influx of large group tours. S. Lopez has not yet had the opportunity to take them yet, but she's pretty excited to lead with the flag. And the microphones are just fun. And this is one of my favorite ways to get people interested in referring and accepting copies of the Book of Mormon- in part because they can't interrupt you and they have to hear you out haha. But seriously, best way to place a Book of Mormon, or 12. And then they do the work themselves from there, because everyone has to develop their own testimony, and their own relationship with God. 

And the Ni Haos are back! I will never tire of being called 漂亮 (Piàoliang). Aaaah but again, more opportunities to spread the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, even to China! ;) Paving the way for when it opens to missionaries.  #savechina.

A scripture, a scripture! 3 Nephi 5:13. Yes, a great missionary scripture, sure. BUT EVERY disciple of Christ, full time missionary or not, is called to declare His word. So, go ponder that, and pray. God will tell you what you need to be doing to declare His word. Because He's good like that. Know who you are. Know your purpose. Then do it. 

I love you all so very much. 

Make good. Choose happiness. 
<3 Sister Chamberlin

This is my district, from last transfer. They are a bunch of
goofballs, and I love them so much. I will miss spending so much time
with them, but I'm sure this transfer will ring lots of opportunities
to get to know and love more of my sisters in a similar way.
Starting from the left, S. Azucena, S. Dufour, S. Lopez Giron, S.
Eging (top), S. Goncalves (bottom), aaaand Me.
We played at the Family Search Discovery center in the Joseph Smith Memorial was so much fun, and I recommend that everyone go play there. The more people you have in your family tree, the more fun it is. So make sure you do some family history work first.

And of course, you all know who this is... We did not eat there that day, but who can pass up a picture with the Chick-fil-A cow? #eatmorchikin

And this is Sister Bae. Yes, Bae is her real name. Yesterday, the man who baptized her grandmother came to Temple Square... AND her recent convert. It was cool, because the missionary who baptized her grandma got to see some of the far reaching effects that he had from serving his mission. I think sometimes missionaries don't understand the difference they are making when they help someone to gain a testimony and receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. More than just that one person's life is changed. 
S. Bae went back to South Korea today. She calls me "American," so I never actually called her S. Bae, but rather, "Korean." But she is incredible and will be greatly missed here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Paz on Temple Square

Mario with Sister Chamberlin and Gonzalo and Maria and Sister Lopez
After Gonzalo graduated from BYU Idaho
Sister Chamberlin with Brother and Sister Paz

Elder Kirkham and his companion with Sister Chamberlin and Sister Lopez and Kirkham Sisters

Monday, April 4, 2016

Busy Week with General Conference

Elder Mann's Family

Sister Lopez and Sister Chamberlin attending General RS Broadcast

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Alex Boye with the Sista's on Temple Square
Including our beloved Sister Chamberlin
That is what this spring-like weather has been. Straight glorious. Something about the sunshine (on my shoulders) makes me happy (John Denver? Anyone?), and quite frankly makes other people happy and more willing to talk with us, and listen to the ridiculously important message we have to share. #truthrestored

Anti season has officially begun this week, and it is fun (she says sarcastically). For reals though, in my studies this morning I feel like God was directly responding to my schemes for dealing with them. Responding, chastising... same thing. In Alma 1, with our dear brother Nehor the Anti... God taught me just how He wants me to respond to our sweet brothers and sisters. Which was not how I would LIKE to respond, but it's definitely the more Christlike way. Using only the word of God (the scriptures, obviously) but NOT to Bible bash, because most often when we fall into that, it is out of pride. Which is addressed in this chapter. And I can know that when I feel like putting my fist where their mouth is, I need to check my pride. So, that's a thing. Yay for God's direct instructions right when I need them. 

This week has been full of interesting humans, to say the least. But it's been a good time, for sure. Members (firm and floundering), a man who left the church for 50 years that was endowed two weeks ago (#prodigalson), truth seekers, returned missionaries, former investigators, atheists, antis, polygamists, the whole spectrum, within these four walls. 

A precious thing that happened this week. There was this darling older gentleman from China in the Assembly Hall, trying to communicate with S. Clark through google translate (seriously so cute to watch) because all of our Ni Hao sisters were in Mandarin meeting. So after about 45 minutes of this painfully slow and questionable communication, we finally got a hold of one of our Ni Haos and she talked with him on the phone and he ended up leaving with a copy of the Book of Mormon and filling out a referral card. It was just a precious moment, and got me excited for another summer of Mandarin motor coach tours, and to continue sending copies of the Book of Mormon home to China with these precious humans, planting the seeds for when China opens to missionaries. Get pumped. It's coming. 

I don't know much (but I know I love you...) Jokes. I don't why these songs come into my head. But seriously, I don't know that much, but I am certain that we are all God's children. He loves all of us unconditionally, and He wants us all to return to Him. But we have to choose it. And if we are not sensitive to the whisperings of the Spirit, it's nearly impossible to know the right path that leads us to God. And that's why it's so important to follow Christ's example of faith, virtue, humility, meekness, kindness, sacrifice, obedience, etc, because that is how our ears and hearts will be opened to hear and feel what God has to say to us, to guide us home.

I love you all. Thank you for your examples and love. Make good, choose happiness, leave the rest with God. 

<3 Sister Chamberlin

Orange you happy to serve on Temple Square?