Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hiiii Family

Transfers are next week. Cray crazy. I'm looking forward to some changes.

Sorry to start off on such a low note, but I've been super bummed out
this week, meeting SO MANY less actives, who, for various reasons,
will probably not be coming back to church anytime soon. Even a former
Branch President (who, by the way, knows the gospel is true. I could
see it in his sad, almost defeated?, eyes)! My heart just broke over
and over again, all week. There are so many blessings that await those
who will come unto Christ. Sometimes it requires courage, but the
beautiful thing is hat He never leaves us on our own if we will put
our trust in Him.

Usually when we start tours in the Beehive House, we invite guests to
ask any questions they have, keeping in mind that the tours are less
than 20 minutes (ours are closer to 10 haha), and that "we've heard
them all." Because we really feel like we've heard all the strange,
touchy, controversial question that people can ask in the Beehive
House. Somehow, this one day we were asked four totally unrelated
questions that we had never heard before (like where did President
Monson grow up, or the name of the sewing machine that I like to tell
people is older than any Singer). So, I gave each of those people a
smiley face sticker that I usually reserve for children. Turns out,
adults like stickers as much, if not more, than children.

A thing that makes me happy. When local missionaries are ON TOP of the
referral we have sent them of people we love. It doesn't always
happen, but when it does, it gives us so much more confidence when
transferring stewardship of these precious souls, knowing that they're
being taken care of. #templesquare

Another thing that makes me happy. So, our Ni Hoa sisters (and their
companions) work SO HARD. Legit, they are on their feet all day, often
missing out on meals, because they are constantly giving tours to
Chinese Motorcoaches. And later in the evenings, since we all have to
be on the Square for studies, just in case we have to take a tour
instead of studying, it is like watching a Chinese sitcom. By this
time, most of the touring Ni Hoas are gone, and the Chine sisters are
all downstairs in our conference room just talking, and yelling,
sometimes arguing, and making fun of each other (playfully, of course)
and it is better than Netflix. Not much studying gets done.

I just finished the Book of Mormon again this week, and I am PSYCHED
about starting over again. I'm pretty done with reading all death and
destruction, and so ready for Nephi and his faith and obedience. That
man had it all figured out- the secret to happiness? Side note, it
sounds like a lot of you are starting it over again now too, which is
cool. I'd appreciate you sharing your insights as you cruise through
the book. It's my favorite, I'm obsessed with it. It's magic. Real
magic, not Harry Potter magic.

I've been reading Our Heritage, mostly for the pioneer stories so I
can tell them better- because more than just knowing and teaching the
gospel, we also get to share pioneer history! And I was reading about
Zion's camp, and how it really separated the future leaders of the
church from those who were less faithful- murmurers, who blamed their
leaders... Like Laman and Lemuel. And I just felt this strong
impression of the importance of supporting our leaders, and being
obedient. But more than that, remaining humble and faithful, even when
things get hard. I have so much love and respect for the early saints,
and what they endured. I wish more people knew their stories. I'm so
grateful for their sacrifices t build up the Kingdom of God. And I
can't help but think of the many times in the Book of Mormon when the
prophets exhort their people to "remember"- to remember how merciful
the Lord had been to their fathers, their ancestors, who had such
great faith. How God had delivered them, and led them through the
wilderness. How could we possibly forget our own great heritage, in
these modern times?

Anyway. It's getting hot here. But, you know, it's Georgia hot, so,
it's all good. My companion purchased a water bottle that she can
spray herself with- which she does every 3 seconds whenever we're
outside haha.

This feels like such a random and unconnected email. Good thing it's
not being graded :)

I love you all so very much. Happy ten years, Christa Belle! <3

Make good. Choose happiness.
<3 Sister Chamberlin

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