Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015 at the MTC --- First 3 days in Provo

Ahhhh this is so unreal! 

Mom and Dad, I'm glad to hear you made the drive home safely (the little prince as well), and that Sarah made it to Ghana to join Scotty. 

The last three days have been PHENOMENAL. Legitimately, it is just nonstop goodness. I already feel like I have grown so much, and received so much insight into some of my experiences these last several years. 

So the information you need to write though DearElder, or the normal post, is:

Sister Rebekah Grace Chamberlin
2009 N 900 E Unit 128
Provo UT 84602

I don't have anyone's email or address except yours, mama, so give the family my love. Especially the little people.

Also, Mom, I'm calling on Mothers' Day if you can be available. I've got 30 minutes, starting at 3:15 MST. So 2:15 PST. Which means if you want to talk with me you'll have to come straight home from church, no dilly dallying. 

I am so happy, and healthy, and loving every minute of my time here.

I'm in a trio companionship with Sister Sommerfeldt (Alberta, Canada) and Sister Parks (Oklahoma) and they are the greatest. We're all going to Temple Square, and we get along super well. My Branch here is awesome, and my teachers are amazing. For reals, I have so much respect for Brother Anderson and his ability to follow the promptings of the Spirit in teaching us. 

It's hard for me to focus on writing right now haha I'm so tired. But it's a good tired. The best tired I've ever been. 

I have no complaints. I just feel so much love for you all, and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. This doctrine is truth, it is happiness, and I feel so blessed to have a knowledge of it. If we allow Him to, Christ will change us, and transform us into something so much greater than we can even imagine. I can feel Him working on me, and it feels SO GOOD.

I love you hooligans. Choose happiness, so our family can be together forever. 

All my love, 
Sister Chamberlin

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