Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm not the Baby Anymore!

Shout out to Dre and Ben on getting ENGAGED! (Way to be romantic and sneaky, Bents, I approve) I'll be there in spirit. :)
Well, I officially have one transfer under my belt. Can I get a whoop whoop? For reals though, it's nice to not be the baby anymore.
The Bee's game was a riot. And we did get to celebrate the 4th with some J Dawgs. And it's possible I peeked at the fireworks in the distance, but no one will ever know for sure. 
We went to the Dentist this week for Sister Lytle. She's so prideful we had to drag her there kicking and screaming. She kept calling him "Dentist." We'll probably be returning this week because her face hurts. 

I won't be at the Humanitarian Center this transfer :( but we get to do Guest Services, so that will be fun to learn. I've got some experience on the phone, I think it'll be just breezy. Oh, and I will have Pday on Thursdays... so if I don't write in three days, you'll hear from me NEXT week :)

I get to keep Sister Lytle for 6 more weeks before she goes home to St. Geezy. We are looking forward to letting the good times roll, if you know what I mean. She's gonna come visit y'all in CA before I get home so show her a good time will ya? I have learned so much from this little nugget. She is for sure one of my little angels from God. 

We will be attending President Boyd K. Packer's funeral this Friday. The timing of his passing presented an interesting opportunity to explain to guests why our flag was at half mast on "Murica's birthday, and such an EASY transition into the Restoration of the Priesthood, and how we have Prophets and Apostles today. I'm preparing myself for another week of, "Why can't we go inside the Tabernacle? We came all this way and we don't even get to see the organ??" ... at least, that's what happened during preparations for Elder Perry's funeral. We shall see what's in store. 

So many miracles this week. First of all, our investigator that invited his friend to church two Sundays ago? And then he started meeting with the missionaries? Ain't no thing, he's just getting baptized next month. We're so pumped for him, and for our boy who got to experience first hand the joys of sharing the Gospel with his buddies :)

We met a woman this week who is just... ridiculously awesome. She has changed her life so much, striving to be a better mother and wife. She was feeling pressure to be baptized before she was ready, so we got to just talk with her about the process of repentance, and changing, and turning ourselves towards Christ. It was such a cool conversation, because she doesn't just want to change her behaviors, but she's trying to have a real change of heart. She told us that, "all sin starts with a thought," which I just loved, because sometimes it feels like we can't control our thoughts, but it is VITAL to do so. She also told us that, "The measure of a man is his self control," which AGAIN I loved. I don't know. She's just amazing, and it's cool to see her work hard to understand Christ's doctrine.

Sister Lytle and I had a pretty spectacular experience on Saturday evening when we started our fast together. So, Sister Lytle's iPad had been missing for about 10 days by that time. We had it for companion study one evening, and left in on the couch to go to bed, and the next morning we went to take it to the Square and it was gone. Neither of us felt too anxious about it, because it had to be somewhere in the house. But over the next week or so we scoured the apartment thoroughly, moving furniture and deep cleaning. We even checked under our mattresses and in our clothing hampers. We asked our roommates (several times) and we just could not find it. We may or may not have begun to suspect the worst. Ten days of praying and searching. SO, the night we began our fast, I was praying and told God that we knew it was kind of a trivial matter, but we'd been looking for this iPad for a while now, and we just wanted to know what had happened to it- because if it HAD been stolen, it needed to be replaced. I told Him that we were at a loss, but we knew that HE knew where it was, so if He wanted to let us in on that information, we would be so grateful. No sooner had I closed the prayer than Sister Lytle looks at me and says, "Follow me, I have an idea." So I followed her into the living room, and she says, "I know we've checked here a thousand times, but let's just look once more." So we moved the couch and the iPad was just sitting there all innocently. I couldn't even believe it. It wasn't like we checked anywhere else, we went straight to exactly where it was. It was amazing. We kinda started freaking out with excitement and our roommates came out to see what the fuss was about, and I just held the iPad high and declared, "God lives!" haha it was a joyous moment. God really does care about His children, even our little trivial issues. Fasting and praying. I'll tell you what, that stuffs legit. 

We have this amazing investigator who will be baptized this month, she just has finish the lessons. She is SO SO GOOD.  We told her we'd all cruise down to visit her after our missions.

So, this week Sister Lytle and I have focused a lot of our studies on God's Grace, wanting to understand it for ourselves, and also so that we could teach it simply. We get a lot of antis on the Square that ask about it, and accuse us of thinking we can "earn our way to heaven". We've loved talks from Brad Wilcox and President Uchtdorf. And Alma 26:20-22. It's been a neat experience, and all I can say is God wants so much more for us than just to be saved. 

I love you all so much. God is SO real. Jesus Christ is our Savior. Because of Him, I get to become something so much greater than I could have ever imagined. The Priesthood authority is back on the earth, and we are so blessed to live in this time. 
Family, I love you. Let's spend eternity together, yes?
Make good and choose happiness, you hooligans.
Love always, Sister Chamberlin
P.S. I don't just love you to the moon and back, but through a wormhole at the end of our galaxy, and it's still going out... who knows when it will return?? Shout out to Brother Lytle, you've got wisdom beyond your years ;)
P.P.S. Thank you for writing me, humans. I love hearing from you all :)

Sister Lytle at the Dentist --- All smiles

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