Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yoo Hoo Family! Monday, June 29, 2015


First and foremost, I stand corrected. It isn't "The Big Man, Little J, and the Spook," it is ACTUALLY "Big Daddy, JC, and the Spook." So. Shout out to Brother Lytle :) Love you, man! 

Secondly, Happy Independence Day y'all! God Bless 'Murica. My companion and I had some in depth discussions this week about why the American Revolution was so necessary for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you 1 Nephi 13. 

And OBVIOUSLY happiest of Birthdays to ma old man Big Papa. "No no no You're not old, NO! There are LOTS of things older than you! Yeah yeah like... Rocks, and uh, redwood trees, and the planets, yeah most of the planets! Abraham Lincoln, yeah he's like a baby compared to you! Waaah!" ;) LOVE YOUUUU!

One of our investigators is getting baptized and confirmed this week and we are SO EXCITED FOR HER! This woman has so much faith in God and His plan for her, she is such an inspiration to me. 

Another marvelous human we are teaching is being such an awesome missionary. He's not even baptized yet, but he invited a friend to church yesterday (after my inspired companion felt prompted to invite him to do so), and now he is also meeting with the local missionaries. So good. 

We have met some of the funniest people on the Square, OH MY GOODNESS. It is so fun. We met these two men from London, here for a film festival (it's cool, they were just the director and writer/star. We're sure we'll get home and find out they're super famous in England). Anyways, we had one read Alma 32:27-28, which he said he loved. They were very cheeky, we shall see what comes of it. Good dudes. So saucy.

So, Sister Lytle has this gift. At Temple Square we get a lot of tourists cruising through on Harleys (they're easy to spot, they've all got Harley Davidson t-shirts on), and Sister Lytle, almost without fail, melts EVERY ONE of their hearts. They all seriously fall in love with her as soon as she tells them about her 3,500 mile ride with her Grandpa, and reveals her vast knowledge of bikes. It is so funny! One of the last groups we met were the "Road Hawgs" haha and they've had some FUNNY rides. They're always willing to do whatever Sister Lytle invites them too, because how can you say no to her? You can't. 

Basically there's no time for anything ever. We are kept super busy, which is so good. I only wish we had more personal study time, but it's all good. I've had some suuuper good reads. Acts 9 and Alma 12. read them. Love them.

I wore the same skirt this entire week. Go ahead, ask me if anyone noticed. Nope. No one. Not even me. So guess who is sending home all of her clothes. Did you guess Sister Chamberlin? You're so smart. 

Sister Lytle and I are so unified. We even have matching t-shirts and backpacks. And water bottles.

To those of you who have sent me pictures, thank you, I adore you. To those of you who haven't, I rebuke you to repent. Which reminds me. THE FUNNIEST THING HAPPENED LAST WEEK in the teaching center. We're just sitting there minding our own business responding to emails, when we hear a loud voice behind us yelling, "As a representative of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you to repent!" hahahaha aaaah and then we took a call and it was the lady who had just been rebuked and she felt bad for "offending the other sister missionary." Hahaa this lady was so funny. She just wanted to talk and was trying to tell us what we believe, so we kindly told her our purpose as missionaries, and she said she wouldn't call in anymore. But now we walk around rebuking each other to repent, because I guess we can do that haha.  

We're going to a Bee's Baseball game tonight... take me out to the ball game or something? We're excited for the change up in the regular day to day. 

Oh hey so we have relief society on Thursday mornings (it's cool, we don't do normal church here. we're a ward of 200+ sisters.) and Brad Wilcox spoke to us, focusing a lot on his talk "His Grace is Sufficient." If you haven't read it, look it up, it's so good. So I would like to invite you all to read it.
Also, the youth from Placentia Stake were up here for Youth Conference this week, and they gave the sisters that gave them tours at the Humanitarian Center and Welfare Square thank you cards (so like, me) and it was SO SWEET. So I would ALSO like to invite you all to write thank you notes this week. Can you handle that? Too many invitations? 

I'm all out of time, you lucky dawgs. ;)

Make good, choose happiness. 
I love you all! 
Love always, Sister Chamberlin

I often crave home baked chocolate chip cookies... just thought you ought to know ;)

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