Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015


Oh my goodness. I know I've only been here less than a week, but it feels like I've been here for months. In a good way. 

Well. I guess I'll start with the basics. My trainer is Sister Lytle. She is seriously the greatest human. She is this precious little barbie doll from St. George. Seriously, so beautiful. And she is so ridiculously in tune with the Spirit and just loves everyone. Before the new sisters (that's me) arrived and were assigned trainers, she already knew, like two days earlier, that she was going to train me. She told everyone, "I'm going to train Sister Chamberlin." She just knew. And two days later, after the LONGEST time it's ever taken President to make the assignments, she was justified. It was cool. Legitimately, EVERYONE has told me that I have the best trainer ever. One sister even threatens to kill me in my sleep because she wants to be her companion. And we'll be together until she goes home in August. Ah she has just been perfect. And she's so stinking funny. She makes jokes all the time. And teases everybody. For example, we were in the north visitors center where the Christus is (the big white statue of Jesus) and an Elder was there with some investigators, and he asked her how to turn on the voice (it's a recording of some of Christ's words) and she looked at him square in the face and said, "You pray." He looked SO confused, almost dumbfounded, and said, "What?" and she was just like, "Yeah, you just pray, and it comes on." Hahaha aah he was so confused. I wish I had heard what was going on sooner, because I would have went around to turn it on while she had him pray, but alas, we only got to enjoy his confusion. She did eventually fess up and turn it on for them.
She is just so patient with me and I am so grateful.
We only get a half hour to exercise 5 days a weeks, no more, no less. Fortunately, my companion and I have been going down to the track, so I can kind of sort of run for a little bit. Which is nice. Not superb, but nice. 
Everything here is wonderful. The Spirit is so strong. It is so cool to see SO MANY MIRACLES EVERYDAY. God just prepares people. Even just today, we met a boy who is so ready for the gospel, and he's going to read the Book of Mormon. 
Don't misunderstand, there are also so many antis here, and people that are really good at driving the Spirit away. But I cannot tell you how amazing it is to be guided by the Spirit in everything, and be able to discern who is sincere and who is trolling, and treating them all with love without wasting too much time.
We are so busy always and I love it. I mean no offense to anyone, but I seriously don't even have time to miss anyone. Which has been a huge blessing. I can only imagine what a burden I would be to the mission if I were moping around homesick all day.
I got to talk to Sister Annie Loy on the phone a couple days ago (I know she's home now, CRAZY!), it was so good to hear her voice. And we ran into Elder Eddie Shin on the square on Saturday, so so good to see him too. 
Oh, my regular post address for my entire mission, with the exception of outbound, is: (drum roll please)

Sister Rebekah Chamberlin
Temple Square Mission
50 N West Temple St BVSC
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

Thanks for forwarding Elder Chamberlin's email. I love that little flagellum. I love that he loves the grind.

Give my love to all my little people. Especially the little human that's still inside his mommy.

Oh oh oh mom, please please please send me pictures, of everyone. Like, hard copy. Because I can't print :( 

I am happy, healthy, and don't need anything except your prayers and pictures :)

The Atonement is so real. I love that I get to spend all day everyday telling everyone about it. 
Favorite scripture of the week- 2 Nephi 4:17-35. God is SO GOOD.

I love you all. Make good and choose happiness.
Love always, Sister Chamberlin

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