Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy Crunchy Leaf Week

It took a while, but there are finally lots of leaves on the ground for crunching. Yay fall!

sister Lai, and my little nugget sister Bon

This week! I don't know where to begin. Too much. Highlights.

So this week the Parliament of World Religions (or something like that) was going on here in Salt Lake City. There were over 9,000 people here representing over 50 religions from over 80 countries. So, we've been pretty busy taking some interesting and important people around the Square, and sharing the basic doctrine of the LDS church. Most of the people were very kind...

Elder Holland came and spoke to us this morning- he's an incredible man. We all got to shake his hand, and he looked into each of our eyes with his piercing stare that could just see straight into our souls. Straight into MY soul. I felt so vulnerable. He said all kinds of good things and I learned a TON, but the biggest takeaway for me was a reiteration of the importance of the role of the Book of Mormon. Of course, we already knew it's important, but he pointed out some things I'd never connected before, and it was just cool, and too much to type in this letter. Aaaand that's all I'll share about that experience. It was special. :)

I finally got to hear President Uchtdorf's talk from Women's Conference... about Great Aunt Rose? Yeah, SO GOOD. If you haven't heard it yet, go listen to it or read it or whatever. No, listen to it. It's funny to hear president Uchtdorf talk about the "creepy" "stalker" cat ahah.

My zone rocks. Legit, they're the greatest. I feel so much love for the sisters here. However, some sisters in my district thought it'd be funny to scare me while we were at the Beehive house. I'll admit, they got me good. That house has the potential to be a bit eerie at night time... 

Miracle of the week came in the form of finally getting in touch with a man we'd taken on a tour of Temple Square back in September. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from the phone call, but he asked if I was sitting down, because what he was gonna tell me was going to FLOOR me. And it did. This guy. He had come to the Square with an LDS friend (who has his own incredible conversion story) and they had actually come here by taking a wrong turn. They never intended to be at Temple Square that day. But that weekend, after we met them, the two of them attended church in Page, AZ. The NAVAJO WARD! WE GO THERE! :) Anyways, that's not what floored me. This guy informs me that the NEXT week, when he was back home, he decided to check out the local church we'd sent him the address for. He scouted it out the day before, and got there 10 minutes early Sunday morning... and no one ever showed up. Because it was Conference weekend. Whaaaat? But he wasn't discouraged. Instead he called his member friend, and he filled him in on Conference and invited him to watch (which he did Sunday afternoon... also, his friend was also pleasantly surprised). And THEN he called the phone number we gave him for the local missionaries (trying to get a hold of me haha... he was like "is Sister Chamberlin there?" and the Elder was like, "Nooo, this is Elder So-and-so, we don't know a Sister Chamberlin... " haha) and he ended up meeting with them since then! Which is awesome. Anyways. I was in fact floored. He still has lots to learn and whatnot, but he's been to church 3 times, and is LOVING the Book of Mormon.

Our other investigators are cool, too, and we've taken some fun tours this week (especially the Ni Haos- I'll tell ya, when China opens up, it's gonna just BOOM. Or blossom? No, boom. It's gonna be huge) but none were AS exciting as that one. One of the ladies we teach, I just adore. She is soaking up the gospel. HER WORDS- "The more I learn, the more I want to know!" AAhh she is just awesome. 

Well, that's at least a glimpse into what's going on here. A very small glimpse, but you know, that's all I've got time for. I love you all so very much. This gospel is true. God lives, and loves us. And the Book of Mormon is SO GOOD. SO GOOD. Read it. Pray about it. FEAST on it. 

Make good, choose happiness. It is, in fact, a choice. 

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