Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hiiiii - Sister Shenanigan Halloween Video

Hello Familyyyy

First of all, I just want everyone to know how incredible my mission president and his wife are. These two are straight up celestial. I am so grateful for them. And WOW let me tell you, any ounce of pride I thought I had left has just been kicked while down, and received quite the beating. God sure does have His ways for humbling His people. And I am so grateful for that. Because that's when we turn to Him. And I mean, Ether 12:27, right? 

So, Halloween is cool at Temple Square, because we close the Square early (we don't need little hooligans doing mischievous shenanigans) so as a mission, we got to attend the Temple on Saturday night. It was cool, to be with all 200+ sisters in the Temple together. 

Oh my goodness there was this precious little teenage troller that called in the other day, complaining about a call he'd received from a sister, and a "spy" that randomly joined in the conversation, and how she left without saying bye, and he was just being SO dramatic. So I leveled with him, said I'd be real with him if he'd be real with me, and called him out for being dramatic. He agreed, that he wasn't ACTUALLY offended, and we actually ended up reading the Book of Mormon introduction and Alma 32 with him, haha. Not entirely sure what will come of it, but he was such a saucy little adolescent. And you probably had to be there for it to be funny, but it was fun to spar with him (with love of course, sass for sass).

Goodness, so much has happened this week. I guess that is always the case. 

We got to listen to Elder Bednar's conference talk this week, and something he said really stuck out to me. I believe he was quoting Elder Hales, but he said, "When you cannot do what you have always done, then you only do what matters most." Ponder that. You're welcome. 

Okay. A cool thing. We were talking with one of our investigators (one who has been incredibly faithful while awaiting his baptism) and we were challenging him to reread the Book of Mormon (he's a pretty fast reader, and has gone through it twice this last year). But THEN God put these thoughts in my head, that I know were not my own, because it sounded a lot like homework, and I don't like that stuff. We asked him to keep a study journal as he reads (he was already doing that) and in the journal make 3 columns, and after each chapter write 1- the story line, what is actually happening, 2- the gospel principle that is being taught (Mormon was inspired to include these specific records, chosen from a great selection... there's a reason for it), and 3- why it matters for him, what is he going to do differently because of it... a little self application. And then of course Sister Lai and I said we would do it as well. That is a greater witness that this didn't come from me, because I would never give myself homework. Anyways, we've only been doing this for a few days, but it has been INCREDIBLE, and if you're looking for a way to get more out of your Book of Mormon reading, I would recommend trying out the columns.

God is so good. I no longer have any question about why I was called to Temple Square. This is a very special place, and I needed to be here, at the very least for myself. And I am so grateful to be here.

Side note, I'm pretty sure this is the ONLY mission is the world where we can spend the morning teaching a man from Columbia about how his family can be together forever, and literally 2 minutes after saying goodbye, be teaching a young man from Japan about Jesus Christ being the Savior of the World. The gospel is going forth to all nations, kindreds, and tongues, and this is such a special place to actually get to SEE that happening. 

Make Good. Choose Happiness. 
Xoxo, Sister Chamberlin

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