Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy December...Tomorrow!

Hi Family!
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgivings, and are SO PUMPED FOR CHRISTMAS! YAY CHRISTMAS!!
Side note (not actually a side note, this is 100% related and relevant) make sure you all check out because it's bomb. It sounds like a lot of you already know about the "A Savior is Born" initiative... and now that it's finally officially up and running, you can all watch the little videos. I'm partial to the animated one, I'll be honest. 

Okay, so this week was crazy and fun! So much of both things. On Thanksgiving the Square (or at least the buildings) were closed for a few hours so the sisters could scatter to different members' homes for a home cooked meal. Sister Timoteo and I got to enjoy a couple hours with the Davis family- they are incredible. The food was delicious- my favorite was for sure the candied yams.SO DELICIOUS. And we got to help them decorated their Christmas tree!! With TINSEL!! WHY DON'T WE USE TINSEL MOM?? THAT STUFF IS AMAZING!! It was Sister Timoteo's first time ever decorating a Christmas tree... if you're wondering if she lived under a rock her whole life, she did. Okay, not exactly, but she lived ON a rock... a big rock... a mountain actually, in American Samoa, but it's cool. There's a first time for everything. :) Anyways, this couple has THE most solid testimony of the gospel. I asked Brother Davis how he and his sweet wife (the cutest Filippina woman) met, and he went into the funniest story. They basically me through online dating before the internet- I didn't know this was a thing, but it was like snail mail/pen pal dating. It was SO FUNNY listening about all the other people they'd been writing and meeting. But Sister Davis, although she's had numerous proposals, refused to marry someone who was not a worthy priesthood holder and could not take her to the temple. Haha they were just hilarious. And Brother Davis shared with us Moses 6:59- which basically sums up the entire Plan of Salvation, in one verse. So beautiful, this little gem that I was unaware of until now. 

And the next night, Christmas came. OH WOW the lights are so beautiful. Of course, I've seen them before, but there's something special about being a Temple Square missionary, and that first night when the lights first turn on- it almost felt like counting down for the New Year. And there were just MASSES of people. It was fun. Still is. Lots of missionary work to be done, lots of spirits to uplift, lots of souls to invite to Christ. Assignments are a little different on the Square this month- we get assigned to specific spots at various times, like theaters or the Christus, or to sing outside and freeze for as hour. I'm so thankful for warm socks and boots, gloves, and my big fluffy white coat. Hahahaha Sister Timoteo and I both have big white coats, and we look pretty funny walking around together.

This last week at Welfare Square was incredible. We were there ALL day. Even after taking the sisters home from our normal shift, we had to go back for what was supposed to be an evening tour, which just turned into all of us serving in the Bishop's Storehouse. There were tons of people who came in preparation for Thanksgiving (this was last Wednesday) and there was just a lot to do and people to serve. There was a special spirit there, and I'm certain that day will remain in the top ten of my favorite experiences on my mission. One thing that was made painfully evident was how much the gospel of Jesus Christ can bless lives, and how much harder we make life for ourselves when we choose to do things our way instead of God's way. There was such a variety of people that came through the storehouse- some very humble, some not so much, some very diligent in keeping their covenants, some not so much, some very kind, some not so much, and ALL needing a helping hand (as we all do, let's be real here. That's why we have a Savior, none of us can do this alone). It was just very humbling to serve there, and to straight feel God's love for all of His children, in whatever circumstance, in whatever phase of rebellion or whatnot, He LOVES us, and only wants for us to accept His Love.

Anyways. I love you all so much. And so does Heavenly Father. He's so good. How blessed our we, not only to have a Savior, but to know about Him, and to know why? God's plan is perfect. Enjoy this first week of Christmas- family, I hope some of you are continuing our family traditions. 
Make good, choose happiness. 
All my love from Temple Square,
<3 Sister Chamberlin

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