Monday, December 14, 2015

It was Colonel Mustard, in the greenhouse, with the gun...

Find the Sheep

Feed my Sheep

Winter Wonderland

Snow on the Temple

Snow on the Gates

Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Let it Snow!

Jk, it was me, at Temple Square, with the call letter that only
allowed her to stay 19 months. Wow, I haven't even been out a year,
and I've killed two companions. When does it become "serial" status?

I will greatly miss Sister Timoteo. She has been an INCREDIBLE
companion. She truly understands her purpose as a missionary, and it
has been a privilege to serve alongside such a spiritual giant.

We had the opportunity to attend Music and the Spoken Word
yesterday... It was probably my favorite one I've ever been to. The
choir, orchestra, and bells were all there. Sarah, I gotta tell ya,
our bells don't light a candle to these people. They've got some bells
three or four times the size of my head. If it's possible, you should
all check out yesterday's broadcast. I mean, their Carol of the Bells
wasn't quite the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but it was beautiful.

The skies opened up last night, and we've had snow nonstop for nearly
24 hours. It is SO beautiful outside, and I am very excited to see the
lights being reflected by this blanket of white both in the sky and on
the ground. Again, I'm reminded of how very grateful I am for warm
socks, boots, and a coat.

This was my last week serving at Welfare Square, for now. It has been
an incredible experience, and I just love and adore our service
missionaries there. I know I've said it before, but serving there has
really emphasized to me the difference that living the gospel of Jesus
Christ can make in anyone's life, regardless of the hardships we face.
The Atonement is so real, and you can see in people's eyes, when
they've allowed the Spirit of God to fill their souls.

So, with the craziness of the season, we meet all kinds of people here
on the Square. The good, the bad, the bad pretending to be good, the
good pretending to be bad, plus those who just don't have a clue. But
I became exceptionally grateful this week for all the young men's and
young women's leaders I grew up with who were always outstanding
examples of a disciple of Christ. I know that's not always the easiest
thing to do, and definitely requires a bit of Christlike humility. So
thank you, you all know who you are.

For some reason, we've taught an exceptionally large number of Muslims
this week. People who just do not understand or believe that Jesus
Christ is the Son of God, and that it is ONLY through Him that any of
us will be saved- live again and cleansed from all sin.

Lots of good things are happening. There are many precious little
humans learning and living the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we've seen
some incredible miracles this week- prayers being answered in
unexpected and glorious ways, people being in the right place at the
right time, little munchkins keeping their commitments... It has been
a good week indeed.

Make good and choose happiness ya hooligans. Go be God's hands this
week, follow the promptings of the Spirit and He will use you to
answer someone's prayer.
All the Love from the winter wonderland of Temple Square,
<3 Sister Chamberlin

PS thank you my sweet celestial Sarah and Scott, you've provided "the
best Christmas ever!" for some little nuggets here.

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