Friday, December 18, 2015

Yoo-hoo! Big Summa Blowout!

Hi Family!

Surprise! I now have Friday pday. So, you lucky dawgs get two letters
this week.

Sister Butler is my new companion. I'm still getting to know her, but
what I do know, I like. She's from North Carolina. That's right folks,
another American companion. You know, even the one companion I had
that doesn't wear an American flag... Born in Hawaii. That's America.
Anyways. Sister Butler is way chill, and this will be good transfer.
She's one of ELEVEN CHILDREN. ELEVEN. I'm back in guest services, so
not on the Square as much as I'd like to be, but it's all good.

As usual, this week has been super busy at night for the lights. All
the sisters are sleep deprived, and looking forward to getting back on
a more regular schedule. But it is magical here, just like I'd hoped
it would be.

Earlier this week I got a nice sharp little chastisement from God.
He's so sneaky, and always keeps me in check. I was on a desk
assignment, and this woman came in seeking information that we just
don't have. She got a little short with me, and I returned the
kindness. Anyways, after being a little irritated and getting things
sorted out, she stuck around and just started shooting the breeze.
Still irritated, I did my best to slap a smile on (I'm getting better
at this, but I admit, more often than I'd like, I wear my heart on my
sleeve) and we got to talking. She shared some of her story with me,
and she is AMAZING. She lived in east Berlin growing up, and her life
was hard. She told me how she'd been baptized when she was 16, and
talked about some crazy things she's dealt with, and is still dealing
with. I asked how she was able to keep her testimony, and remain
faithful in light of all of these awful things, and she jumped into
this story about how her family joined the church. She shared how her
grandfather was raised Catholic (his parents died when he was young,
and he was raised by priests or something?). Anyways, supposedly he
was pretty handsome, and got used for publicity and fundraising and
things, and being within the system, he saw a lot of things he didn't
like, so when he got the chance, he left and joined the Lutheran
church. But he still felt like the Lutheran church wasn't right
(although better than what he'd been raised in) and told his daughter
to find something better.. I think he said "there must be something
more (or better?)... Find it" or so,etching like that. So when the
missionaries found her (this is the mother of the woman I met) they
had been prepared, and they got baptized, and have since done the work
for grandpa, who knew there was something better. Anyways, in
conclusion, she stayed faithful because she knows this gospel is true,
so there is nothing that could shake her testimony. So. I went from
being irritated to just adoring this woman, who has endured so much,
with SO much faith and diligence. I don't want her trials, but I want
to be the kind of woman that responds to adversity like she does. And
also not so easily irritated.

Well. I was not planning on telling that story, but congratulations,
you got it anyway.

Lots of good things this week. Except sleep, which is a good thing,
but was MIA amongst all the other good things. Learning SO MUCH, and
just loving so many precious little humans. It really is so cool to
see the gospel change people.

Hey! I met one of Danny's professors the other night... So that was
cool. Everyone I meet that knows him always has the nicest things to
say- I'm a proud sister.

I can't remember if I've told you already, but there's this 9ft
Steinway just chillin in the Assembly Hall for the concerts almost
every night, and sometimes we are assigned to the AH and there is
literally no one on the Square at 9am. So I take that opportunity to
play it. And compared to the little out of tune standup that I had
last year... Wow. It reminded me of driving our old Chevy suburban,
hen getting to take Dad's car out.

One of our sweet miracles this week- a woman we teach finally got a
hold of her local missionaries. She has been so prepared, God is so
good. Anyways, she and her kids are way into learning about the
gospel, but at first her husband wasn't... But he came for their
lesson, and he LIKED it. Because it's true. We're excited for this
little family. I have no doubt they will all be baptized soon, and get
to enjoy all the blessings of the gospel together as a family.

I hope you all enjoy this week leading up to Christmas! Go see the
lights in Nelly Gail Ranch for me. Temple Square is a nice
replacement, but it's not the same. I love you all so very much.
Make good. Choose happiness.
<3 Sister Chamberlin

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