Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cry me a River August 19, 2015

Build me a bridge, and get over it, right? Wrong. Tears are good. They water the seeds of Faith. And salt water is the cure for everything anyway, right? Tears, sweat, the ocean... Yes, yes I'm trying to validate my unusual (or maybe not so unusual) sensitivity that has been this week, and more especially this day.

This morning I bid farewell to my dear trainer- which means I FINALLY got to meet the Lytle Fam this week, in real life, you know? I won't get into the ooey gooey details, but that little nugget is one of my very best friends, and I'm going to miss spending all day every day with her, sharing the good news that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Priesthood authority have been restored to the earth. I know she'll be back to visit before I've finished my own missionary service, but I look forward to the day when we get to meet again, and experience some of the joy that Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah felt when they were reunited (although, their missions were significantly longer... like more than 12 years longer)... but still. It will be a glorious reunion.

I was on exchanges a lot this week, as Sister Lytle had a lot of "departing" things she was involved in (like special temple trips and meetings and the like). It's fun to go out with other sisters, and learn from them, but it's hard because we're not used to teaching together and the jive is just missing, you know?

So. My preparation day has shifted to Wednesday. It will probably be changing every 6 weeks, but I'll try to give you some forewarning. My new companion is Sister Vasi. So, Sister Lytle was a little all American Barbie doll... Sister Vasi is the Tongan Barbie doll. She is BEAUTIFUL. She was born and raised in Idaho, so I've got myself another American companion :) She just came back from her outbound mission in San Diego- so she got to experience this nice little heat wave you've been having. Today was our first day together, and I'm excited to get to know her better as we learn more about each other and teach together... you know, develop that companionship unity... that jive.

My assignment this transfer is the Beehive House. I'm excited, as I've only served there a couple times, and now I get to be there almost every day for a good block of time. I'm looking forward to learning more about the Lion of the Lord that was Brigham Young (if you weren't aware, the Beehive House is where my buddy Brigham lived, and we give tours there). There's a lot of history that I don't know... yet. 

I've moved to a new apartment. It's gonna need some TLC... mostly just in the cleanliness department. But it's nice.

I'll be completely honest, I don't remember much of this week because I'm a little emotional monster right now. I feel like such a girl and I think it's a result of being surrounded by 200 women all day every day forever and ever. And I can't just rub some dirt in it because they need the dirt for the pretty flowers.
Hey! That reminds me, they started putting up lights in the trees for Christmas these past couple weeks (I know I know, it's August. Does this give you a little more appreciation for the magic that is Temple Square at Christmas time?) I'm just hoping we get a lot more snow this winter. Let's be real here, we need the moisture, AND the snow is what makes the lights magical.

It sounds like Baby Boy is doing okay? All the missionaries in Thailand are safe and accounted for? In case you were wondering, the families and friends of my little Thai sisters (Sister Chansiramee and Sister Sanputhorn) are safe as well. Those have a special place in my heart, by virtue of the fact that Sammy is in Bangkok haha, but they're sweet girls. 

And also it sounds like some of my siblings aren't doing a very good job of sharing important information with me, so if you're one of my siblings and you're reading this, and a thought pops into your head of something you probably should have shared with me by now... please do. :)

Oh my goodness, for as bummed as I am that I missed out on the Stake Youth Trek this summer, I'm not gonna lie, I'm not bummed I missed out on that heat. However, it sounds like it was INCREDIBLE. All you little humans are just so good, and so inspiring. Big Papa, thank you for your letter. You're such a good dude. And I am just so impressed with the youth and leaders of our Stake. It's neat, when people get to have a little taste of what the pioneers experienced- a glimpse through a window of their trials and sacrifices. We get the opportunity to talk about our pioneer ancestry ALL THE TIME, and knowing what these heroes endured for their Faith... it can change people. I love watching people's attitudes change, and their hearts soften, as they learn about the early saints. I'm glad the Mission Viejo Stake got to experience some of their very own miracles. So special. 

I love you all. Make good. Choose Happiness.
Sister Chamberlin

PS I promise a better letter next week, when I have my control over my brain back :)
Oh also also, Sarah (and Scotty) you two are angelic and I love you.
Sister Vasi returning from Outbound with President 

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