Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yoo Hoo Family! - August 26, 2015 Home Field Advantage

This week has been LONG, and I am so tried, but it has been glorious. 

Two things, the Church's Welfare program, and also Church Security, and SO BEYOND AMAZING and I just love them. For the record, I'm serving in by far the safest mission in the world. Yay me!

I'm glad to hear Sammy is still alive, and doing well. What a little cutie pie, I miss that baby boy. So proud of the work that he is doing. Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Dre and Bents! Way to go, getting all married and stuff. The pictures are beautiful and I love you both!

So, I serve in the Beehive House, one of Brigham Young's homes here in Salt Lake City. It's been interesting, learning more about the Lion of the Lord. He was such a good, good man. I try to make jokes on the tours... some people laugh, others pity laugh, and occasionally I get the silent treatment. Those ones are fun. Lighten up people. My favorite is where there's a line up of photos of Brigham in chronological order- The Brigham Young to Brigham Old joke is fantastic, a CLASSIC, and deserves a chuckle. But it's a neat opportunity to talk about his life, and the early members of the church, and their sacrifices and hard work. And I'm just learning so much!

A quick word about my new companion. This girl. Wow. She's got Christlike attributes DOWN. She is one of the most Christlike people I've ever met. So humble, and patient, and charitable, and slow to anger, and just good, you know? You're gonna love her. She was born and raised in Idaho, and her parents are from Tonga. It has been fun getting to know her this week, and teaching with her.

Mama, thank you for the precious video of Luke quoting Luke 1:37- I've been using that scripture this week on the Square, it's golden. 

Ah there have just been too many little miracles this week, it's hard to focus my brain on one long enough to write about it. 
Sacrament meeting on Sunday was PHENOMENAL. Elder and Sister Clarke spoke, and Elder Clarke shared with us 5 ways to endure to the end, essentially. 1) Have a Christ centered life. When people enter your home, or apartment, or whatever, they should immediately know who the center of your universe it. 2) Have a testimony of Joseph Smith- that he is called of God as a prophet to restore Christ's church and authority. 3) Love the Book of Mormon. Read from it EVERY day. 4) Recognize that the Family is the most important organization in time and all eternity- make it a priority. 5) Go to the Temple. As often as possible.

One of the biggest things I've learned this week (or I guess that has been brought to my attention) is that God is so aware of all of his children. And when we strive to do His will, and follow the promptings of the Spirit, He will lead us to where we need to be. Nothing is "just coincidence." I've seen too many miracles for that to be the case.

My goodness, we just teach some of the neatest people. It is CRAZY to see the changes people experience, all part of repenting, to come unto Christ. I LOVE it. The Atonement is so real, and it is for EVERYONE. And it's amazing to be here on Temple Square. There's a special spirit here (home field advantage, you know?) and we get the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD IN OUR BOUNDARIES. It's so cool. I never thought I'd enjoy teaching over the phone, but it's really fun :)

oh! I met a sweet kid from (drumroll please) VIENNA! It was so fun to talk with him about the city and happy Austrian things. After a little persuasion (and sharing Joseph Smith's story of course), he agreed to read 5 pages of the Book of Mormon with me every day, and we'll be emailing about it. We shall see what comes of it. 

I can't remember if I already told you, but they've been putting up Christmas lights for the last month, and it is getting me so excited for Christmas!!! (and boots, and scarves, and coats, and hot chocolate, and happiness!) But seriously, I'm way pumped about Christmas on Temple Square. It's crazy busy, and we don't really get meal time haha but I've just heard the greatest things about it. Yay! But I guess all things in order, now that summer time is winding down, the next big thing is General Conference! again, yay!!

Whelp. My dears. God has a plan for each of us, individually. His love is infinite. Jesus Christ lives. Keep doing the little things, that is how we keep a strong foundation on Christ: attend church, read the scriptures, pray always. God is so good.

Make good, choose happiness. Love you little nuggets!
Sister Chamberlin

P.S. to each of my nieces and nephews, I love you so much! hugs and kisses from aunt Beks!
Saying Goodbye to Sis Lytle

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