Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Where did the Summer go? September 2, 2015

I cannot believe it's already September. This Summer flew by! The crowds have lessened just a bit on the Square. Significantly less Mandarin motor coaches (don't worry, I'm still working on my Mandarin. My vocabulary is slowly expanding)

We had a sweet opportunity this week to have Elder and Sister Cook, of the 12, (remember him, Big Papa?) at our 7:30am Sacrament meeting (for the record, I will NEVER complain about early church again. You can hold me to that. I don't even think 7:30 is hard anymore). He basically told us how great we are :) But seriously, he talked to us about the process of calling missionaries, and it is just incredible. The Spirit could be felt SO STRONG in the room. And he had all of us in tears (not as easy as you would probably think it would be, in a room of 200 sisters). It was a special experience for me, because the last time I'd seen Elder Cook (outside of General Conference), I was in a WAY different place, spiritually. And here I was, a little missionary at Temple Square. Haha, God has been moving mountains in me.

Okay, so a really cool thing! Or at least, I think it's really cool. If you disagree, you're wrong and you can leave. So, at the Beehive house last night this couple came in, and two of the wife's some number of greats grandmothers were Brigham Young's sisters, and the husband is a 5th generation descendant of Jacob Whitmer. As in, one of the 8 witnesses, Jacob Whitmer. And he is the first in his family (to his knowledge) to join the church. Ah I wish I could relate to you how COOL it was to talk with this man (who was fun to verbally spar with) and hear about his family, and how they feel about "the Mormons" and I don't know it was just neat. Like, instead of reading text about what happened, he told me stories of his family that happened. In his great great grandmother's home! And he, himself, is the fulfillment of prophecy, regarding his family and the church. It was just cool.

While teaching over the phone this week, our investigator made the comment that "if it's supposed to happen, it will happen," regarding his baptism. And all I could think were the words I'd heard in General Conference before, that Decision Determine Destiny. Things don't just happen. We make them happen. If we want to have faith, God doesn't just give it to us, and we don't just accidentally happen upon it. We work for it. Helloooooo? That's what our agency is foooooor. Anyways. My point is this. If you want live the good life, choose it. Attend church, pray daily, study the scriptures. CPR right? church, pray, read? Or something like that. Man was made to act, not be acted upon.

Okay, getting off my soap box now. 

I cannot even describe how incredible it is to have God constantly be teaching me, showing me the answers to my questions, and  giving me peace in knowing that He's got my back, as a I strive to turn to Him and study the scriptures. God is SO good. I cannot say it enough. Learning to trust that whatever He is making of me is better than anything I could make of myself is not the easiest thing, but it is so glorious, the more I come to accept it. In the Beehive house there is a room with BEAUTIFUL walls. It looks like wall paper, but it's been hand stenciled. Sometimes with guests, we will relate it to our lives- how we are hand stenciling the moments, and sometimes we mess up. But it's okay, because the Master Painter can come in a paint over it, fix it, erase the mistakes. And after a while, you can look back and see this beautiful, intricate, and PERFECT life. Because of Jesus Christ. Ah, God is SO SO SO good.

Every day is so very busy, and so full of little miracles. I love Utah skies. The sunrise over the mountains is breathtaking, every morning, especially from the Capitol. Not to mention the sunsets, or when the moon is out and the first stars appear at dusk. I always feel like it's God's little gift to me every day, a little reminder every morning and night of how blessed I am to be here.

We teach some of the most amazing people, and we meet even more people, from ALL over the world, it is ridiculous. I just love it. And there is a special sisterhood here, among all 200+ sisters, it's the neatest experience for me. And being in the shadow of the Temple, all day, every day... no where else in the world is the Spirit so tangible. 

My companion is rock solid. Spiritually and temporally, which is cool. Like, legitimately, probably stronger than my brothers (no offense my dear brothers, but unless you've been lifting weights lately...) She has been so good to me, and is taking care of me all the time :)

I love you all, you little nuggets. Make good, choose happiness. Allow God to make a masterpiece out of you <3
Love, Sister Chamberlin

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