Monday, September 14, 2015

Helloooo Family 9/9/15


I've had some really neat experiences this week. Maybe some day I'll share them haha, but today is not that day. We had a TON of Michigan fans on the Square all last week for the game against Utah. Some sisters even took the team on a short tour, which I think is cool. It was WAY easy to start conversations with people, since we already had the common ground of wanting a win for Michigan (how does it go? I'm for anyone who's against Utah?). Not that it's not easy to start conversations with people on the Square, I think it was just nice to have a different opener than "Hi! How are you? What brings you to Salt Lake City?" Instead, football :)
Also, I guess DoTerra is having some huge convention here this week, so we've been getting loads of essential oils people here too haha, they're fun. mom, I'm surprised you're not here for this ;) jokes jokes, only jokes, dad. 

I did have a nice little "aha" moment for myself, as I've started the Book of Mormon over again and have been reading about Lehi's family and their journeyings. Long story short, I was hardcore relating to Laman and Lemuel, thinking about how often we're just living it up in Jerusalem, thinking all is well, when out of nowhere God is like, "Hey, get out of Jerusalem, and leave all these things behind that you think you love, and go travel in the wilderness and suffer all kinds of afflictions for some extended period of time, okay?" and it's so easy to think, "no no, God, that's not what i want to do," but then God is like, "Actually yes, it is what you want to do, not only because I said so, but because I've prepared this land of promise for you that is far better than anything you could have dreamed of." I guess what I'm getting at is "how merciful the Lord [is] in warning us that we should flee out of Jerusalem." He's got greater plans for us.

A thing! Totally off topic, but I wanted to share something a man on the Square told us this week. He said, "We make decisions not because of what was said and what was done, but because of what we felt about it." So profound, right? That's all I had to say about that. I just liked it, and thought you might as well. 

Well, the mission goes. I have an incredible district, I truly love each of the sisters. Since Sister Vasi is our District Leader, I get the opportunity to go on exchanges with all the sisters as well, and it has been fun getting to know them, and hear their own INCREDIBLE stories, and learning from them. 

God has been so good to us. It's so neat when people randomly walk up to us requesting a Book of Mormon, or wanting to learn more about various points of doctrine. It just feels like God is saying, "Here, you got this." It's just a nice switch up from the guests who put their hands up and say, "No no no," while backing away when we say hello. 

We've had some fun adventures exploring in the Beehive House. If you don't know what an amazing man Brigham Young was, you should research it. He was a good guy. Lion of the Lord. (insert lion roar here)

Well family. I love hearing from you from time to time. It sounds like for the most part everyone is doing well, and I'm pleased about that. Sidenote, Rise and Shout? I may or may not have seen the replay of the Hail Mary from last week (thanks to a 12 year old boy at the Beehive House). Go Cougs.

Love you all. Make good. Choose happiness. 
Sister Chamberlin
50 N West Temple Street, BSVC
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

See that sneaky placement of my address? ;)

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