Thursday, September 24, 2015

Happy Fall Y'all!

The smell of Pumpkin Spice is in the air, and the mornings are getting crisper, and more and more frequently a crunchy leaf can be found on the ground to step on. Yay for Autumn! Another good week. Very busy, as always, and it will only get busier, with Women's Conference, Elder Scott's funeral, and then Conference Weekend. Oh boy!

Our apartment is now celestially clean, as we did a mission wide deep clean. It's so nice. I wish we did this more often. (More than just the everyday clean, you know? I'm talking DEEP, CELESTIAL clean).

Momma, so that you kind of have an idea of what a typical day looks like at Temple Square- it actually varies greatly. But we get up in the morning and run, get ready, have studies (sometimes that goes down at night, just depending on your schedule that day/transfer) and get to the square. Then we have assigned times to either be contacting on the square/taking scheduled tours and motor coaches (or assigned to specific desks), or being in the teaching center (which is basically a computer lab where we teach via phone/email, take inbound calls and chats from it's a good time. Don't ever troll on chat. Bearing false witness is a sin). This transfer I have the Beehive House, so usually we have about a 3 hour shift giving tours at the Beehive House every day, so that's fun. And we get 45 minutes for lunch, and 45 minutes for dinner (both usually on the square, food we brought from home. we've got fridges and microwaves on the Square, we make it work). My day, at least once a week, usually includes a really awkward interaction with my amazing mission Preisident... I'm sure he thinks I'm just the strangest cookie. Depending on the day we might have district meeting, or a zone training meeting. On Sundays and Thursdays we have 7:30am church or Relief Society. And now that it gets dark before 9:15pm (which is about when we head home, this transfer) we have to walk home in groups haha aaaah the flock of sister missionaries walking to and from the Square every day is so funny. 

Before I forget, oh my goodness the church recently came out with these amazing addiction recovery videos. There's a video and a story for each of the 12 steps, and they are all SO GOOD! Although be advised, not all are super appropriate for children... so.. there's that. But wow. I highly recommend them.

Sister Vasi and I had some neat experiences this week, where we followed promptings from the Spirit, contrary to our better judgement, or what we wanted to do, and we always walked away wide eyed, and thinking, "Whaaaaat?? Heavenly Father just straight used us!" It was cool. And we've just met a ton of incredible people because of it. I'm so grateful for those experiences- no doubt in my mind that God was leading us in those moments, especially to remind His other children of His love for them. SO SICK. 

This morning we had the opportunity to go check out the newly renovated Church History Museum, and IT IS AMAZING! Next time you're in Salt Lake, go. I could have stayed there all week. So many cool interactive things (there's a video of the First Vision, and it feels like you're in the grove. PHENOMENAL), and a ton of art upstairs, and fun things to play with and whatnot. There's a whole section kind of dedicated to children- like a play place? Yeah, that was fun. Cool camels. And just so much information EVERYWHERE about the beginnings of the church, and what these early saints had to endure. Joseph Smith, man, that guy. I do not believe that 14 year old boy had any idea what he was getting himself into when he knelt down in that grove to offer up his humble prayer, but OH WOW am I so grateful for his obedience and diligence. That guy. 

I love you all. I hope you're all getting psyched for Conference, because it's gonna be great. I'm a little bummed, because as a Temple Square sister, I only get to see one session, and other than that we work. So I'll have to catch up on all the good stuff in following weeks/months. So friends and family, I'd appreciate it if you took some really nice notes, and filled me in on the things that touched you the most. I don't want to be too behind the times, you know what I'm saying?

Also, shout out to Mason for taking scissors to his perfect locks... HAHAHAAHAHA I love that little doobie. Let's be real, I love all those little nuggets. Hey! They would love the Church History Museum. Just... throwing that out there. Give all those little humans my love. 

Make good, and choose happiness.
Love, SIster Chamberlin

P.S. Cutie pie Mommy and Sarah Bear, thanks for the package of love. Hahahaha everyone asked if it was a wedding dress. I think my winter coat is better. 

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